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Take This Productivity Class With Me…

What’s the fastest way to double your productivity,
and start getting TWICE the results in your life
and your business?

If you’re serious about doubling your results, and
growing your business, then take this new class
from Eben Pagan called “Wake Up Productive”:

How To Double Your Productivity Guaranteed

It turns out that the key to doubling productivity
isn’t to work more, and it’s not to work “harder.”

The key to doubling productivity isn’t doing more,
it’s getting more DONE… and particularly, getting
more of the high-value work done in your life and

So how do you get more of the work done that
actually pays you back the biggest returns in both
results and money?

The solution is to put two new habits in place – one
to increase your personal productivity, and one to
increase your business success and profit.

In Wake Up Productive, you’ll learn these two new
habits, and you’ll actually install them in your life
and business – so you automatically do the most
valuable thing in your life each day – and start
getting the growth and success you want.

Because Eben created this program while he was
building his business empire, he is offering a
“Business Growth” version of the course, that also
includes his best training on marketing, and his
best training on creating a winning product.

(And Eben has sold a couple of hundred million
dollars worth of products and services online, so
his marketing and business trainings are the best
you can get.)

In this new class, you’ll learn:

> How to eliminate distractions and interruptions,
so you can focus on the high-value actions that
bring you the big returns personally and financially

> How to put habits in place (instead of just trying
to do more), so you wake up and AUTOMATICALLY
start doing the things that bring you big results

> How to grow your business a lot faster, by focusing
on the few things that actually lead to growth and
profit – rather than wasting time on “busywork”

…and much, much more.

Watch this new video from Eben. You’ll learn a
lot about productivity and marketing by watching
it, and you’ll also get the details about the course.

Eben actually guarantees that you will double your
productivity by taking this course. But watch his video,
and I think you’ll agree that this is the real deal – and
that it can help you actually get twice the results that
you’re getting right now.

Sign up for this course with me today, and I’ll include
two special bonuses. First, I’ll set up weekly webinars
for us to chew what Eben is teaching, discuss any challenges
we have with implementation, and brainstorm together to find
solutions that will work for you. Second, after the 90-day course
is over, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a short series of
webinars with me where we will situate what we’ve learned in the
larger context of Living A Rational Life In an Irrational Society,
a theme that I’ve been exploring during my show, “Don’t Let It
Go Unheard.”

Register for Wake Up Productive today, and let’s
make this our most productive year ever!




UPDATE: I just learned that Eben will be releasing the weekly sessions on Mondays, and so we’ll have our weekly “chewing” webinars on Tuesdays, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., PT (7:30 – 8:30 p.m. ET). I’m hoping that schedule will maximize participation from all time zones. The sessions will also be recorded, of course.

UPDATE 2: As of today, January 27, Eben has re-opened registration for ONE DAY ONLY. We are already starting to “chew” the initial fast-start sessions in a Facebook group I created, and we’ll start the webinars next Tuesday. So, if you want to get in on the discussion, register today!


“Selection, Not Accumulation”

HT to Joe Maurone for this find from p. 736 of Atlas Shrugged:

There was an air of luxury about the room, but it was the luxury of expert simplicity; she noted the costly furniture, carefully chosen for comfort, bought somewhere at a time when luxury had still been an art. There were no superfluous objects, but she noticed a small canvas by a great master of the Renaissance, worth a fortune, she noticed an Oriental rug of a texture and color that belonged under glass in a museum. This was Mulligan’s concept of wealth, she thought—the wealth of selection, not of accumulation.

Dagny Taggart’s Apartment

From pages 66-67 of Atlas Shrugged:

Her apartment was two rooms on the top floor of a skyscraper. The sheets of glass in the corner window of her living room made it looks like the prow of a ship in motion, and the lights of the city were like phosphorescent sparks on the black waves of steel and stone. When she turned on a lamp, long triangles of shadow cut the bare walls, in a geometrical pattern of light rays broken by a few angular pieces of furniture. She stood in the middle of the room, alone between city and sky.

Hank Rearden’s Office

From Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, p. 85:

The office suited him; it contained nothing but the few pieces of furniture he needed, all of them harshly simplified down to their essential purpose, all of them exorbitantly expensive in the quality of materials and the skill of design. The room looked like a motor—a motor held within the glass case of the broad windows. But she noticed one astonishing detail: a vase of jade that stood on top of a filing cabinet. The texture of its smooth curves provoked an irresistible desire to touch it. It seemed startling in that office, incongruous with the sternness of the rest: it was a touch of sensuality.

Is this how you envision your ideal home and workspaces? If so, have you reached your ideal?